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Getting Non Skinny Jeans into Winter Boots


Autumn is here and so is the cooler weather.
Down south, our nights are quickly getting cool 
and I am already dusting off my 
Uggs & cowgirl boots to tame the cold.

I don't know about you but I love boots, 
they are so practical to wear 
and go with just about everything. 
They can easily be dressed up or worn casual, either way
they are the answer to icy toes in winter.
Today I want to share with you one of the best tips 
that I have ever heard regarding wearing boots, it is:
How to wear your NOT skinny jeans
inside your boots !

I for one do not wear skinny jeans but love 
the look and warmth of having my
jeans tucked inside my boots, 
therefore I always struggled with getting my jeans
to fit inside my boots and look half decent.
Well in the video below I'll let you in on 
my discovered secret!

God Bless You'll

Written By Anita
Modest fashion, Modesty, Denim Jeans, Jean fashion, winter fashion, staying warm in winter, Christian fashion, aspiring daughter, fashion tips, clothing, fashion secrets, winter boots, fashion boot, ugg boots

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